Joe Wetherbee as an artistJoe Wetherbee, Artist, Teacher, Good Guy

Professionally trained, educated and recognized as an artist, Joe was influenced by Picasso and Pollock and other abstract artists. This is evident in Joe’s many pieces that use shape, color, hue, and balance with his understanding of how to communicate feelings and ideas from art as much as any language or sound could convey.

Joe’s greatest gift was helping others to appreciate art and expression as an important way to communicate. He extended his understanding and his passion for art to others as an artist.

Many of Joe Wetherbee’s pieces were created as sculptures, cast in bronze in limited editions and are now in private collections and the molds have been destroyed. 

Expressive Lizard

Joe’s sculpture typically incorporated curves and smoothness. Here he uses a thin string shape within his sculpture giving another element to his expression.  The choice of blue coloring could also reflect some sort of sea life or fossil found in the ocean or where there once existed an ocean. Joe made art for art’s sake and not for any particular reason or statement.

Private Collection

 Lizard with a Ring -- Joe Wetherbee

Lizard with a Ring

Private Collection 

Bear Totem -- Joe Wetherbee

Totem Bear

This is a favorite of all. It is easy to name and simple to recognize which is a  trademark of the art of Joe’s doodles, drawings, paintings and sculptures. The sculptures are evidence of Joe’s grasp of the three-dimensional art in simplicity of detail.

This piece was done while a student and was exhibited in a student show at the Chicago Art Institute.

Private Collection

 Cat With An Earing -- Joe Wetherbee

Attitude Cat

Notice how a carving can be simple and yet with a few choice lines in a few specific places the artist can command an attitude from a piece of wood or  other materials, giving it its own personality. How many attitudes do we see in this sculpture that we recognize in actual animals like a cat?

How about that ear ring?

Private Collection

Blue Cat

Blue Cat

Do you like it the cat better in Blue?

Private Collection

Touch Me

Simple as this form is, it evokes a powerful emotion.  It is solid and anchored, the curved shape and soft edges are soothing and encourage one to feel it and to rub one’s hands all over it.

Private Collection

Head by Joe Wetherbee -- Private Collection

Regal Head

This is one of a series of heads that Joe originally carved in wood.  Most of these had a regal feel, representing kings or great leaders. 

Private Collection


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