Joe Was Expressive

Joe’s art work was one way of expressing himself.  His works, using the basic elements of art and his choices of subject matter, reveal his unique personality and qualities.  He was witty, funny, humorous, gentle, quiet, & kind.

The subjects that Joe used to communicate his thoughts were often unorthodox. He drew on the essence of symbolism, mythology, and allegory to instill human emotions and qualities; e.g., loneliness, boredom, friendliness, love and amusement in unlikely subjects: buildings, skeletons, and animals.  All of Joe's work was meaningful, unique and identifiable as classic Joe Wetherbee.

Sometimes his works were pre-planned and some were simply spur-of-the-moment doodles.  Either way he utilized the basic elements of art to communicate – for example:

  • Zig Zag Lines are highly dramatic, suggesting action (Teachers Meeting)
  • Lines or colors bursting outward suggest vigor and energy (Peace & Sunshine)
  • Curved lines suggest relaxation (Swirls)
  • Horizontal lines suggest tranquility (Cross)
  • Vertical lines are uplifting (Cross)
  • Blue suggests quiet (I Love you Blue)
  • Green is soothing (River Camp)
  • Similarity of tones suggest spirituality (Aftermath)

View Joe’s cards and determine what emotions they elicit for you and which emotions you will convey to another in selecting any of these cards.  What feeling do you want to express to the person to whom you are sending the card?  Then add your own words to reveal your thoughts and message.

Take your time as you wander through Uncle Toadee’s Doodles – Enjoy!


  Peace & Sunshine  


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