Uncle Toadee's DoodlesJoe Wetherbee -- Uncle Toady -- World War II

Joe’s art was unique, as was he. All of his work – his style – reflected his qualities: gentility, creativity, originality, warmth, and humor.



Uncle Toadee's Doodles was created  as a memorial for Joe (Vernon  H.) Wetherbee.  As a teacher at Wheat Ridge High School in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, Joe had a positive impact on the lives of his students, becoming an inspiration to many generations.  When he passed away in January of 2009, he left behind a legacy.

"My New York premier may have never been, had Joe not stopped a young man in his tracks by saying, 'you should seriously think about pursuing art!' And that the world could always use another good artist.  They are few and simple words, but they gave me the permission to dare and dream."  Former student Michael, on an invitation to his opening reception at a prestigious gallery in New York City.

River Canoe 

You can almost smell the breeze! !

Suprise Encounter 

Classic Doodle!

Cross of Light

Appreciate the Balance!





Uncle Toadee was the pet name created for Joe by niece Judy Dale and nephew Steve Dale.


While going through Joe's portfolio and sketchbooks after he died, it seemed to his wife Betty that some of his work might lend itself to the medium of greeting cards and are captured on the pages of this website. 

Joe’s body of work is identifiable as "Wetherbee".  We hope everyone who visits this website will experience and appreciate his originality and his thoughtful use of the basic elements of art to create fun and engaging cards. 

We invite you to take a look around Uncle Toadee's Doodles and learn more about Joe's life and work .  Don't be afraid to smile now and then. Oh...  take a moment and enjoy. 


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