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Some of Joe Wetherbee’s art appears in sculptures in wood and clay and were reproduced in bronze. Although professionally trained, educated and recognized as an artist, Joe’s calling was in teaching and helping others appreciate art and expression as another important way to communicate. His designs incorporate the shapes and dimensions that coordinate with the materials that lend to the organic color and textures of the materials themselves.
Joe’s influences from Picasso and Pollock and other abstract artists is evident in Joe’s many pieces that use shapes, color, hue, and balance with his understanding of how to communicate feelings and ideas from art as much as any language or sound could convey. Joe extended his understanding and his passion for art to others, primarily through his students who remembered him for years and valued his teaching and influence in their lives.  Some of whom became well known and international artist in their own right.  


Sculpture Lizard


Sculpture Bear

Joe’s sculpture typically incorporated curves and smoothness. Here he uses a thin string shape within his sculpture giving another element to his expression.  The choice of blue coloring could also reflect some sort of sea life or fossil found in the ocean or where there once existed an ocean. Joe made art for art’s sake and not for any particular reason or statement.

  This is a favorite of all. It is easy to name and simple to recognize which is a  trademark of the art of Joe’s doodles, drawings, paintings and sculptures. The sculptures are evidence of Joe’s grasp of the three-dimensional art in simplicity of detail.

Sculpture Cat

  Notice how a carving can be simple and yet with a few choice lines in a few specific places the artist can command an attitude from a piece of wood or  other materials, giving it its own personality. How many attitudes do we see in this sculpture that we recognize in actual animals like a cat?  


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